Pesaro, 18th September 2021, Cantiere Rossini celebrated the grand opening of its industry leading new repainting sheds.

Both sheds are identical and are entirely built in sustainably grown Alpine wood. They have interior dimensions of 64m length, 22m width and a height of 21.5m.

This gives the capability to host +50m motor yachts without removing the mast.

The sheds are equipped with separate state-of-the-art extraction systems for dust and solvents to guarantee an optimum environment for our client’s yacht. Furthermore, they are heavily thermally insulated. Their advanced geothermal heating system uses a natural refrigerant gas and sea water as source of energy, leading to low energy consumptions.

Amazingly all the energy used in our repainting operation produces zero CO2.

These iconic buildings, not only stand out for their architectural beauty but also for being the most advanced and eco-friendly paint sheds for repainting large yachts.

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