We have reimagined the shipyard model by
combining beautiful marina facilities with an
ultra modern refit yard

Cantiere Rossini offers the most advanced repainting facilities which house the most innovative sustainable solutions for the industry.

These iconic sheds, both technically and aesthetically, were launched in September 2021.

These new superyacht specific facilities are constructed from sustainably grown Alpine wood and have interior dimensions of 64m in length, 22m in width and a height of 21.5m.

They have the ability to host any 50m motor yacht without removing the mast.

Both identical sheds are equipped with separate extraction systems to remove dust and solvents.

They also incorporate an advanced thermal insulation and geothermal heating system, using natural refrigerant gas and seawater as a source of energy, leading to low energy consumption.

Cantiere Rossini is the most innovative shipyard in the Mediterranean.

The yard is equipped with the most modern infrastructure possible underneath thanks to having been built in one go.

It offers 12 beautiful and exclusive berths for 50 metre yachts along its stunning MaRINA Excellence dock.