At Cantiere Rossini, our shipyard was purposefully crafted from the ground up with one paramount goal: to prioritise our clients’ convenience and peace of mind above all else. With a firm belief that the client experience should be both seamless and stress-free, we’ve taken every measure to ensure this vision becomes a reality. Covering an expansive 15,000 square meters, our hardstanding area provides ample space for yachts of varying sizes.

Each yacht benefits from its own exclusive access stairs, facilitating easy boarding and disembarking for both crew, contractors, and workers during the refit process. To enhance the aesthetics of our environment, we even add a touch of greenery at the base of each staircase!

Our innovative retractable pedestals, strategically positioned at each yacht slot, eliminate unsightly cable clutter and potential tripping hazards. Close by, discreet manhole lids grant access to a network of connections for vital services such as fresh water, black/grey water discharge, compressed air, fire-fighting system, and cooling water. This thoughtful design not only ensures a pristine and organised environment but also reaffirms our unwavering commitment to making life as easy as possible for our valued clients. It’s simply the Cantiere Rossini way – where client satisfaction is the cornerstone of everything we do.