Welcome to Cantiere Rossini: Your Gateway to Exceptional Yacht Refits on the Adriatic Coast.

We are Cantiere Rossini, an exceptional refit shipyard located along the beautiful Adriatic Coastline in Pesaro, just 50 km north of Ancona and easily accessible from Croatia. Our premier destination offers tailor-made refit solutions.

At Cantiere Rossini, we understand that every yacht deserves the utmost care and attention. As a small-scale shipyard, we prioritise personalised care and unwavering attention to each yacht entrusted to us, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship and service.

Our commitment to excellence extends to Cantiere Rossini’s world-class yacht repainting facilities. Our two fully insulated sheds feature cutting-edge heating, dust control, and solvent extraction systems, creating the ideal environment for yacht repainting.

With 15,000 sqm of hard standing and sheltered berths along our marina-like dock, each equipped with shore power, fresh water, compressed air, and connections to the yard’s grey and black water tanks, we provide comprehensive support for all your vessel’s needs.

Situated in a thriving yacht-building hub, we have access to top-tier contractors who can enhance your vessel through collaboration.

Furthermore, our shipyard is located in a non-industrial area in the port of Pesaro, a beautiful and safe tourist town. Our commitment to crew well-being is evident through our fully equipped gym, crew lounge, games room, barbecue area, and a variety of planned activities for their enjoyment during their stay.

Effective communication is guaranteed through our English-speaking management team. Guided by strong environmental and social ethics, we have earned our clients’ trust and are fully prepared to meet the evolving needs of yacht owners. Embark on your journey with us today.


From minor repairs to high-quality yacht repainting and intricate refits, we provide a comprehensive spectrum of solutions.


We have redefined the shipyard model by seamlessly integrating stunning marina amenities with an ultra-modern refit yard, all encompassing the most functional and efficient facilities for yacht repainting and refitting.

Cantiere Rossini is the most innovative shipyard in the Mediterranean.

The yard is equipped with the most modern infrastructure possible underneath thanks to having been built in one go.

It offers 12 beautiful and exclusive berths for 50 metre yachts along its stunning MaRINA Excellence dock.


Our primary mission revolves around providing exceptional, customised refit solutions of the highest quality for the most demanding yachts.


We aspire to maintain unwavering clarity and integrity in all our endeavours. Our goal is to lead by example, showcasing ethical practices and innovative approaches that set new standards in the refit industry.

”A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all!”

Stewart Parvin, CEO of Cantiere Rossini