Cantiere Rossini has created a new lounge dedicated to captains and crews spending their refit season at the yard.

The new roof top facilities are made up of a spacious games room including a pool table, a pleasant dining area and a comfortable TV lounge.

Along with Rossini’s fully equipped 100 sqm gym, this new crew area has been created to offer crew members a space to relax, unwind and connect with other crew members. It was constructed from three large offices of the old shipyard’s offices, all connected with an outside terrace.

“In the wait for the shipyard’s final construction phase devoted to the creation of a brand new crew village, we are thrilled to be able to offer this special new space to our clients. We know crew live in extremely confined spaces onboard and providing them with an area to relax and connect was of upmost importance.” says Alexandra Williams, Xperience Manager

“ We believe we have created a really welcoming and laid-back environment for crews to enjoy . This investment, despite being temporary, was an easy decision for Cantiere Rossini as we aim to continuously develop and enhance the customer experience at our refit yard.”

Happy crews means great service, and great service means happy clients.

Stay tuned for future developments.

What our clients say:

As we arrived into the shipyard the dedicated crew lounge was just receiving its finishing touches and ready for its grand opening, in which Rossini kindly put on a great evening of good drinks and food,  to welcome the the crews to this great space.

The crew lounge is perfectly equipped with a huge TV , PS5, and a brand new pool table and dining room.  For us as crew it is great place to have lunch all together in clean and modern facilities. In the evenings it is the perfect place to to relax and unwind, watch weekend sports on the massive TV on extremely comfortable sofas and surroundings.

The efforts that the Rossini staff have gone to are above and beyond, and it simply makes the crew feel welcome.” Captain Nick

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