Ancona recently hosted the 3rd SUPER YACHT 24 Forum, where nearly 140 industry professionals gathered to discuss the future of luxury yachting in Marche. Organized by SUPER YACHT 24 in collaboration with the Marche Yachting and Cruising Association and the Central Adriatic Sea Port Authority, the forum showcased the determined and constructive spirit of the Marche nautical cluster.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marche Yachting Excellence:
  • The Marche region leads Italy in ship and boat construction, housing over 200 companies and 3,309 skilled professionals. With a turnover exceeding 1 billion euros in 2022, the industry significantly contributes to the regional economy, with exports representing over 90% of sales.
  • Challenges and Collaborative Solutions:
  • Industry challenges, such as the need for new berths and targeted marketing, were addressed by the Marche Yachting and Cruising Association, calling for support and collaboration from local institutions.
  • Economic Impact:
  • The economic impact of yachting in Marche is substantial, with each yacht from 35 to 50 meters contributing 6,397 euros per day, emphasizing the need for more berths to enhance the region’s appeal for nautical tourism.
  • Innovation and Sustainability:
  • The industry’s commitment to innovation is evident through its involvement in 30 research projects during the 2014-2020 European programming period. There is a growing emphasis on quality and sustainability in yacht construction and operation.
  • Collaboration with Institutions:
  • Successful collaboration with key institutions, including the Central Adriatic Sea Port Authority, the Municipality, Region, and Chamber of Commerce, reflects a united effort to address industry needs and secure resources for growth.
  • Cantiere Rossini’s Contribution: Cantiere Rossini, following a considerable investment, stands out with its dock with nine berths for yachts up to 55 meters, enhancing the region’s appeal for the yachting industry. The dock is available to yachts doing refit works or just in transit.

The 3rd SUPER YACHT 24 Forum marked a crucial day for the Marche region, with a commitment to enhancing awareness, economic value, and social impact in the yachting industry. The future holds promise with a strategic focus on innovation, quality, sustainability, and collaboration.

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